Mission: To get 1,000,000 people around the world to wear RED on the first Saturday of June!

Diversity • Inclusion • Equality • Safe Expression • Kindness

The KindRED Pride Foundation was inspired by the desire to expand the magic created by the 28-year tradition of the original “Gay Day at Magic Kingdom®” in Orlando. The event started with just a handful of people who decided they would meet socially on the first Saturday in June in front of the castle. They would all wear RED t-shirts to identify each other since they had only met on a bulletin board and never in person.

The event quickly grew to one of the largest LGBT+ annual gatherings in the world.  Much of the growth was a result of the national media exposure brought on by the protests by far-right groups threatening to boycott.  The original attendees unwittingly pioneered one of the first gay travel “destination” weekends.  Who knows the impact of the original gathering on the social fabric of our community as hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world experienced the magic of wearing a RED Shirt and gathering in front of the Magic Kingdom® castle each year and took those impactful stories and images back to their communities.  

Our goal is for thousands and thousands of previous guests and thousands and thousands of people who have never experienced the “magic” of this iconic event to come to Magic Kingdom® on the first Saturday of each June.   We believe that if we honor the “kindred spirit” and take this message around the world with your help that many will once again make the pilgrimage to “Gay Day at Magic Kingdom®” at Walt Disney World® Resort – the ground zero that started this amazing tradition in our history. 

Help us get 10,000 more LGBTQ+ travelers to Magic Kingdom® this June 1st! 

The KindRED Pride Foundation’s mission is to honor the kindred spirit, bravery, and courage of the original attendees back in 1991 by expanding the “grass roots” desire to bring the community together to celebrate our differences as well as our “oneness” and to support endeavors by like-minded charities within the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Ally community (LGBTQIA) by producing sporting, music, and other special events. Our only discriminating criteria is whether you are “kind” or “not kind” as we search the world for Be Kind Champions! Color? Shape? Size? Age? Gender? Orientation? Nationality? Ability? None of these matter to us. All that matters; Are you Kind?



RED Shirt Pride Day Around the World
RED Shirt Pride Day Around the World
June 1, 2019 - Always on the first saturday in june!

Red Shirt Pride Day Around the World: To help spread the message of diversity, equality, inclusion, safe expression and kindness around the world. Mainly accomplished via social media engaging with TAKE THE RED CHALLENGE and THE PRIDE CUP. Our goal is to get 1,000,000 people around the world wearing RED on the first Saturday of June each year to kick off Pride Month no matter where you are!

The Pride Cup
The Pride Cup
June 5 -7, 2020

The Pride Cup: A multi-sport competition held each year beginning in 2020 during the first weekend in June in Orlando. We will host all levels of competition. The spirit of the competition will be “Be Kind Champion” to coincide with the RED Shirt Pride Day worldwide mission.

WE ARE ONE - An Extravaganza benefit for Diversity & Inclusion
WE ARE ONE - An Extravaganza benefit for Diversity & Inclusion
Thursday Night, May 30, 2019

We Are One - An Extravaganza for Diversity & Inclusion. A Star-studded fundraiser and benefit held at House of Blues at Disney Springs in Orlando. Special performance generously sponsored by Two Spirit Health.

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