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Detail why you want to participate in The Pride Cup – an LGBT+ multi-sport competition during the 30th Anniversary of RED Shirt Pride Days at Walt Disney World Resorts.

Learn more abouth the 30th anniversary at:

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Step 3:

COPY/PASTE below into your GoFundMe page:

The Pride Cup is 1 of 3 Big Ideas being produced by the KindRED Pride Foundation – a 501(c)3 based in Orlando, Florida.

I am raising personal funds to participate in The Pride Cup. Your contribution to my Go Fund Me campaign is not tax deductible.

More info about KindRED Pride Foundation, RED Shirt Pride Days at Walt Disney World Resorts and The Pride Cup at :

KindRED Pride Foundation

Why this is important!

Athletics have been a lifesaver for many in our community over the decades. Tens of thousands of lgbt+ athletes have found their “family” competing in lgbt+ sporting leagues and tournaments around the world. One of the main missions of The KindRed Pride Foundation is to include athletics to the kick-off of pride month on the first saturday of june each year at walt disney world resorts!

Step 4:

Blast your gofundme page to your world asking them to support you as an lgbt+ athlete or fan representing your city and your country at the pride cup!