KindRED Pride Press Release – Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

Kindred Pride Press Release–Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

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KindRED Pride Celebrates RED Shirt Pride Days at Walt Disney World® Resorts, Encourages LGBTQ+ Community to Visit Florida or Wear Red Instead of a Boycott Against State’s Don’t Say Gay Initiative

Global Red Shirt Pride Day Scheduled June 4 as KindRED Pride Reflects on Legacy of LGBTQ+ Activism in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – March 2, 2022 – Despite calls for a boycott against the Florida legislature’s “Don’t Say Gay” initiative, KindRed Pride Foundation encourages the global LGBTQ community to show solidarity by attending RED Shirt Pride Days at Walt Disney World® Resorts in 2022  on June 4 in Orlando in DROVES!  

Let’s remind Disney how powerful visibility is versus a boycott.  

Those who are unable to attended are asked to wear a RED Shirt during the annual worldwide Red Shirt Pride Day on June 4 as a sign of solidarity for those that believe in Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Safe Expression and Kindness.

Backed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Parental Rights in Education bill, commonly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill has sparked outrage around the world. The bill would limit classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity and encourage parents to sue schools or teachers that engage in these topics. It continues to move through the state House and Senate. LGBTQ+ advocates fear that if this bill is signed into law, it could act as a complete ban on the lessons on LGBTQ+ oppression, history and discussions about LGBTQ+ identities.

“We stand against measures opposing what we stand for: Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Safe Expression, and Kindness,” said Tom Christ, Board Member of the KindRED Pride Foundation. “We believe one way to fight back is show our numbers. The first weekend in June is the perfect opportunity as it coincides with the 30-plus year tradition of RED Shirt Pride Days at Disney, which has a deep legacy of profound activism.”  

In the early 1990’s, the so-called Moral Majority staged a series of anti-LGBTQ demonstrations against the first Red Shirt Days at the Magic Kingdom that included raucous protests near the Disney property and banner planes flying overhead.  Despite these challenges, RED Shirt Pride Days flourished bringing millions of LGBTQ+ supporters and tourist dollars to Central Florida year after year.

Since its formation, KindRED Pride’s mission is to get more than one million people to wear RED Shirts to mark the occasion when just a handful of people decided to meet socially on the first Saturday in June in front of Cinderella’s Castle. They wore red t-shirts to identify “kindred spirits” since they had only met on a bulletin board and never in person. #rspd

Please see additional Action Items at: https://www.eqfl.org/

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