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The KindRED Pride Foundation was inspired by the desire to expand the magic created by the 30-year tradition of the original “Gay Day at Magic Kingdom” in Orlando. The event started with just a handful of people who decided they would meet socially on the first Saturday in June in front of the castle. They would all wear RED t-shirts to identify each other since they had only met on a bulletin board and never in person.

The KindRED Pride Foundation’s mission is to honor the kindred spirit, bravery, and courage of the original attendees back in 1991 by expanding the “grass roots” desire to bring the community together to celebrate our differences as well as our “oneness” and to support endeavors by like-minded charities within the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Ally community (LGBTQIA) by producing sporting, music, and other special events. Our only discriminating criteria is whether you are “kind” or “not kind” as we search the world for Be Kind Champions! Color? Shape? Size? Age? Gender? Orientation? Nationality? Ability? None of these matter to us. All that matters; Are you Kind?

One of our missions is to provide an easy, simple way for other like-minded non-profits to raise awareness and funds.  Our online store enables non-profits of all sizes to participate in the RED Shirt Around the World initiative.  They just upload their logo and share their unique link with their world.  $9 per shirt goes to the non-profit and $4 per shirt goes to the KindRED Pride Foundation.  Check out the STORE and email us at info@kindredpride.org if your organization would like to participate.

A powerful and impactful way for like-minded non-profits to raise awareness and funds is to TAKE THE RED CHALLENGE!  By participating in your favorite sport or fun activity on the first Saturday in June in RED, we can get to the 1,000,000 goal for sure!  

Nominate your friends to TAKE THE RED CHALLENGE with you!  Sign Up Now and let’s challenge your world!

Be Kind Champions

Legacy Partners

bill and camilo

Bill Kitchen and Camilo Espinel

Robert and David

Robert and Dr. Dave Baker-Hargove

John Lundsten

Lois Gackenheimer

Ellen and Mark Levine

Board Of Directors


Billy Looper - President


Alison Burgos - Vice President


Michael Jungen - Board Member

bill kitchen

Bill Kitchen - Board Member


Roxy Santiago - Treasurer

Tom Photo

Tom Christ - Board Member

Jeff Speicher - Secretary

Executive Advisory Council

danny 640 x 640

Danny Gallegos - Tidal Wave Party

Kennon Head Shot #2

Kennon Adkinson - Chief Kindness Officer - Sonny's BBQ

Shannon and Robert

Shannon Graves-Rosser and Robert Rosser

tony coelho

Tony Coelho - Former Congressman and author of the American With Disabilities Act (ADA)

John Lundsten - Whitestar Advisors, LLC

pamela herr

Pamela Herr - Event Producer and Vice Chair IGLTA Foundation

Andy Blevins Outserve SLDN

Andy Blevins - Executive Director, Outserve-SLDN

Ken Granger

Ken Granger - Founder & CEO BRANDco.com

Angus Bradshaw MOL640

Angus Bradshaw - Executive Director of Miracle of Love

Michael Vacirca - Google

Rick White - American FIRE Systems

Charles Jones - CJones & Associates Public Relations

Patrick Shea - Andrews & Shea Attorneys

Mike Remmert - Zoobi Marketing

Entertainment/Creative Advisory Council

Pamela Bolling - Hardrive Productions

Greg Brown - Hardrive Productions

Michelle Damon - Philanthropist

Serge Aliev - Owner, Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Jupiter, Florida

Sports Advisory Council

johnny damon640x640

Johnny Damon - Major League Baseball Player and World Series Champion


Camilo Espinel - Professional Ski Instructor and Legacy Partner of KindRED Pride Foundation

Jason French - Sports Advisory Council

Jason French - EA Sports - Senior Development Director and EA Pride Global Co-Chair

john teixeira

John Teixeira - OUT

Ryan O'Callaghan - Former New England Patriot and Kansas City Chief NFL Player. Author of My Life on the Line

Erik Braverman - VP Los Angels Dodgers

Kurt Dahl - Former President Gay Games Federation

Yesi - Owner, Pandora Events